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Jennifer Moore, engineer in Japan
Jennifer Moore, engineer in Japan
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Learning a new culture in Japan

Jennifer Moore is from Kilkenny and she works in Japan for a company called Fujikin, which makes valves and fittings for the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

“I’ve three older brothers and they’re all engineers,” says Jennifer. “My father was an electrician so I decided to go for engineering as a good career option. Also, my brothers can always help me if I get into a spot of bother.”

Jennifer studied computer engineering at the University of Limerick and she then heard about the FÁS overseas graduate programme, which is what helped her get to Japan.

International experience

“The idea of the FÁS overseas programme is that you go abroad, get your international experience, learn another language and see another culture,” says Jennifer. “Then you come back to Ireland and work for Irish companies.

Jennifer decided to go to Japan as it is so different to Ireland. “We had six weeks’ language and culture training up in DCU,” she says. “The Japanese language is incredibly complicated when it comes to politeness and manners.”

Customer engineer

Jennifer’s job title is customer engineer and she’s been in Fujikin nearly a year and a half. “Fourteen of us came to Japan and four of us came to this factory, so it’s myself and three male colleagues,” she says. “We’ve been able to help each other through learning the language and learning the customs and routines. We help each other out a lot of the time.”

To unwind, Jennifer does kick boxing in the gym. She recommends the lifestyle in Japan. “If you want a challenge, this is the place to go, definitely. Japan has an extremely unique culture,” says Jennifer. “If you can master the language, there’s a lot of opportunity out here for every kind of individual.”

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