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Kathriona, Pinky and Transformer
Kathriona, Pinky and Transformer
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Pinky gets Transformed

Our latest celebrity to get reunited with his favourite gadget from the past is singer Pinky, who meets up with some Transformers.

He is delighted. “Transformers were cars that turned into robots,” he says. “They originated in Japan. When I was a child I used to like having the full set of things so I had quite a few. I just knew that I wanted them and I’d cry if I didn’t get them.”

SCOPE’s Kathriona challenges Pinky to a Transformer duel, each trying to turn his or her Transformer from car to robot in the quickest time. Pinky says he’d have no problem being reunited with the Transformers for ever and taking them away.


Transformers were robot-to-vehicle toy figures, launched in the early 1980s, that became a huge hit. There was also a Transformers TV show, film and comic book.

As well as individual robots, Transformer models like Decepticons turned into individual robots and also combined to form Devastator, a larger robot. Other similar group models followed.


Pinky is a relatively new artist on the Dublin music scene and plays regular gigs. He was a classically trained chorister before he became a singer songwriter.

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