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Show 1 - Fear

Danann and Kathriona check out the science of fear and phobias, from a ghostly corridor in Kilmainham Gaol to going over the edge of a cliff.

Show 1 - Fear: Home Page
The Science of Fear and Phobias
SCOPE goes looking for Ghosts
Cutting Edge: Better Brakes for extreme biking
Profile: Deirdre O'Neill
Celebrity: Zia of the Dandy Warhols
Look back: Watch Video
Laugh with Fintan Brennan Investigates: Comedy

Show 2 - Celebrity

SCOPE checks out the science of celebrity - diets, cosmetics and airbrushing photos.

Show 2 - Celebrity: Home Page
The Science of Celebrity Diets
SCOPE checks out Cosmetics and Airbrushing
Cutting Edge: Movies to watch anywhere
Profile: Aoibhínn Ní Shúilleabháin
Celebrity: Benjamin and Bres of Republic of Loose
Look back: Watch Video for Show 2
Comedy: Fintan Brennan and a sighting of Elvis

Show 3 - Sport

From understanding how our bodies work to helping them perform better at sport, there are lots of connections between science and sport. SCOPE checks them out.

Show 3 - Sport: Home Page
Your body as a machine
Analysing movement in sport
Cutting Edge: Wireless hurling helmet
Profile: Meet a rugby playing molecular biologist
Celebrity: Tony, of Liberty X
Look back: Watch Video for Show 3
Comedy: The case of the non-flying frisbee

Show 4 - Holidays

Science is all around us, even when we're on holiday. SCOPE checks out the science, technology and engineering of taking a break.

Show 4 - Holidays: Home Page
All about the sun, sunburn and sunscreen
Meet the traffic police of the sky
Cutting Edge: Better airport security
Profile: Astronomer Andrew Cardwell
Celebrity: Autamata's Ken McHugh
Look back: Watch Video for Show 4
Comedy: The case of the Chief's jet lag

Show 5 - Survival

Lost on a mountain, or adrift at sea, we can survive extreme conditions with the help of science, technology and the proper preparation. SCOPE checks out the science of survival, plus comedy, cutting edge technology and celebrity blast from the past.

Show 5 - Survival: Home Page
Equipment and training to survive at sea
Cutting Edge: adult stem cell research
Profile: Dinosaur-hunter Gareth Dyke
Celebrity: Singer Gemma Hayes
Look back: Watch video for Show 5
Comedy: Potato snack science with SAPS

Show 6 - Love and attraction

Science plays a big part in attraction. SCOPE checks out the science of love, plus comedy, cutting edge technology and celebrity blast from the past.

Show 6 - Love and attraction: Home Page
What makes people attractive?
Our natural perfume makes us attractive
Cutting Edge: seahorse breeding
Profile: Biochemist Julianne Hogan
Celebrity: Bloc Party's Matt Tong
Look back: Watch video for Show 6
Comedy: SAPS fall in love with crisps

Show 7 - Crime Science

From DNA to suspects’ photos, and shoe prints to ballistics, police forces rely on science in the fight against crime. SCOPE checks out the science and technology of fighting crime.

Show 7 - Crime: Home Page
SCOPE visits the Garda Technical Bureau
How DNA helps identification
Cutting Edge:ballistics
Profile: Radio producer Ella McSweeney
Celebrity: The Marshals
Look back: Watch video for Show 7
Comedy: Making diamonds out of crisps

Show 8 - The Science of Speed

Speed is all around us every day, from the speed of light, to fast cars, to the speed food moves through our bodies. Join in as SCOPE checks out the science of speed.

Show 8 - Speed: Home Page
Kathriona meets strong g force in a stunt plane
How DNA helps identification
Cutting Edge:Next generation planes being made in Belfast
Profile: Computer scientist Brian Carrig profiled
Celebrity: Westlife's Shane and his walkman
Look back: Watch video for Show 8
Comedy: Sending crisps back to the future

Show 9 - Green Science

SCOPE goes green...  From climate change, to global warning, to melting ice caps, the future is looking worrying. Danann and Kathriona find out if science can help save the planet.

Show 9 - Green Science
Climate change: weather of the future
More eco-friendly transport with new biofuels
Cutting Edge: Kildare’s green building
Profile: Meet wind engineer Ronan Daly
Celebrity: Jessica of Liberty X and her Hula Hoop
Look back: Watch video for Show 9
Comedy: Recycling rubbish

Show 10- Science and Space

SCOPE looks at the science of space...  From testing space ships to planning future colonies on the Moon, space is a demanding frontier for science. Danann and Kathriona check this and much more of the science of space.

Show 10 - Science of Space
Tough and tested: building spacecraft
Long-haul destinations in space travel
Cutting Edge: Simon Singh explains the Big Bang
Profile: James McAteer studies the Sun and its moods
Celebrity: Dave from Son of Dork and his Rubik’s Cube
Look back: Watch video for Show 10
Comedy: Space inventions

Show 11 - Sciennce of Our Senses

SCOPE gets sensory overload as Danann and Kathriona smell, look, taste, hear and touch their way through the science of the senses.

Show 11 - Science of Our Senses
Our messengers from the world around us: our senses
Seeing sounds and hearing colours with synaesthesia
Cutting Edge: How a Dublin school identifies pupils with fingerprint scanning
Profile:Kelly Kaneswaren designs sensors to be swallowed to diagnose disease
Celebrity: Barry from the band Zoo and his mobile phone
Look back: Watch video for Show 11
Comedy: Barry from the band Zoo

Show 12 -Science of Gadgets

SCOPE goes to Japan, where Danann and Kathriona see all sorts of amazing technology and dive into the gadget culture.

Show 12 – Science of Gadgets
From high-tech toilets to robot pets – get into gadgets
Japan’s bullet trains are about to get faster still
Bell Labs puts nanotechnology to work in computer cooling
Meet Jennifer Moore, an Irish engineer learning a new culture in Japan
Celebrity: Pinky and his Transformers
Look back: Watch video for Show 12
Comedy: Future kitchen