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Episode 1: Danann and Kathriona travel to fabulous Las Vegas where they will be checking out all the latest gadgets and gizmos on offer at the world famous Consumer Electronic Show, as well as catching up with some of your favourite celebrities.


Episode 2: This week, Danann Breathnach joins Maeve and Scope’s resident comedian Jarlath Regan on stage for our very own science-themed stand-up comedy show: who will carry off the coveted Scope trophy for the best science joke? Will any of them be even remotely funny anyway? There’s only one way to find out: watch the show!


Episode 3: We celebrate all things St. Patrick as Danann Breathnach and Kathriona Devereux uncover the ancient history of fine Irish engineering at Newgrange, find out where the snakes really went, and get closer to fireworks than is normally sensible.


Episode 4: Kathriona Devereux and Danann Breathnach do what they can to reduce their environmental footprint, and take a look at the big solutions, from a hydrogen motorbike to exporting Ireland’s wind to the rest of Europe.


Episode 5: Kathriona visits the Joint European Torus, home of attempts to recreate solarphysics on Earth in an unimaginably hot plasma fusion experiment.Irish Oscar-winner Anil Korkoram talks us through his latest digital effects trickery, and Geordie pop stars the Futureheads go all misty-eyed talking about their favourite invention - bread?!


Episode 6: Ireland's a small place, where everyone seems to know everybody else. SCOPE aims to find out just how true that is, with its version of the classic 'six degrees of separation' experiment.


Episode 7: UCD sports scientist Brian Caulfield puts Danann, Kathriona, and a field of top athletes through a series of gruelling tests to determine: who's the fittest overall. (Hint: it's not Danann. Or Kathriona.) But what does 'fit' mean, anyway? SCOPE finds out.

Episode 8: The lights, the glitz, the glamour: there's nowhere quite like Las Vegas. Danann peeks behind the curtain with Tim Stanley, IT guru for casino chain Harrah's. Vegas is probably the surveillance capital of the world: what do all those cameras do, and what other technologies are they using to keep all those casino chips secure?

Episode 9: What happens if you deprive two television presenters of sleep for a day, a night, and a day, make them record all the links for a show, and then put them behind the wheel of a car on a racing circuit?

Episode 10: Presenters Danann Breathnach and Kathriona Devereux think it's time to broaden their careers, branch out in new directions, try something a little different. Something like: having a hit record. Only one problem - they're rubbish.

Episode 11: On this week's Scope Danann and Kathriona are playing hide and seek! But not boring old hide-behind-the-couch-and-count-to-ten hide and seek. Oh no, this is extreme hide and seek involving sniffer dogs, army camouflage and hi-tech helicopters!

Episode 12: In the final episode of the series Scope goes loop-the-loop crazy by strapping a presenter to the wing of a plane, flying upside down and attempting to defy gravity!




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