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Profile: Patrick Moloney - Dyson

Patrick Moloney

Patrick Moloney is a design engineer working at Dyson UK.

He is involved in the conceptual area of design and research and is working on ways of improving vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners don’t sound too exciting but the Dyson factory is like Willy Wonka’s workshop – there are 400 engineers trying out new ideas, building prototypes and generally experimenting with new ways of building vacuum cleaners.

Patrick’s job involves everything from brainstorming meetings, to CAD drawing, to prototype building and testing to cardboard modelling. The idea is the keep improving Dyson products so that they maintain a leading edge against competitors – that might be reducing size, improving usability or increasing energy efficiency.

Patrick studied industrial design in Carlow IT, where he won the Dyson Ireland Student Design award for his final-year project for a cast that prevented muscle atrophy.

Patrick toyed with the idea of starting his own business with his new design but he didn’t have the €80,000 needed to patent his idea so he shelved it. However his Dyson award got him noticed by the company and he was offered a design engineer/industrial design post at Dyson's main headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

Patrick had always wanted to work with Dyson, so he was delighted to take the job. He says Dyson is a great place to work because there are some really experienced people covering every discipline from microbiology to aerodynamics.

"If you ever have a question there is always someone nearby to answer it."

Patrick feels he is learning a huge amount about the running of big company which might serve him in good stead when he starts his own company.


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