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Kathriona and DanannPresenters Danann Breathnach and Kathriona Devereux think it's time to broaden their careers, branch out in new directions, try something a little different.

Something like: having a hit record. Only one problem - they're rubbish.

Scope this week is all about the technology that's necessary to turn their out-of-tune, off-beat, syncopated warblings into, if not hit-parade gold, at least something that won't make your ears bleed too badly. They rope in top Dublin recording studio Pulse, Republic of Loose guitarist Dave Pyro, and a celebrity backing line-up to help out.

Meanwhile, the world's most famous fowl Dustin the Turkey names his nomination for the hallowed Inventions Hall of Fame, Kathriona catches up with the Irish company riding the cutting edge of online video game technology, and we visit vacuum cleaner leaders Dyson to meet the Irish designer behind some of their latest cool products.

Also, Scope's resident comedian Jarlath Regan kicks off a comic search for the latest science superstar, in Science Idol. We have celebrations and tears, back-slapping and back-stabbing, and in two weeks' time just one overall winner.

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