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Profile: Liza Kierans

Liza Kierans

Liza studied electronic engineering in UCD. She says she chose this particular type of engineering because she always liked physics in school and was interested in electronics.

During her degree she spent a summer working as an intern with the Railway Procurement Agency. She loved it so much that when she graduated in 2005 she re-applied for a full-time job there and was hired as a graduate systems engineer.

Systems Engineering (SE) is an interdisciplinary approach to enabling the realisation and deployment of successful systems. It can be viewed as the application of engineering techniques to the engineering of systems, as well as the application of a systems approach to engineering efforts. What makes SE unique, especially in contrast with traditional engineering disciplines, is that SE does not build tangible products. Whereas civil engineers might design buildings and electrical engineers might design circuits, systems engineers deal with abstract systems.

The RPA are working on designing new lines, such as the expansion of the Luas line from Sandyford to Cherrywood, which is essentially doubling the Green Line. The target date for completion is 2010. They are also planning the expansion of the Red Line from Connolly Station to the Point.

Liza works in the control room of the Luas where they operate the tram system. She says her job doesn’t just involve sitting at a desk all day and loves the fact that she gets out on site, meeting other people such as the civil engineers working on the project.

Liza was an avid hockey player when she was in college but now for recreation she likes to go to the driving range near where she lives. She finds it a great way to relax and unwind after a day’s work and says her swing is getting better all the time! She eventually hopes to take up golf, as it is a sport she would love to play.


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