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Ka infrastructureKÀ is a spectacular and unique Cirque du Soleil show which is currently playing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The theatre company that started out as a group of street performers in Quebec have gone on to become an international phenomenon – with nearly 60 million people seeing their shows.

With 80 performers from around the world, KÀ combines martial arts, acrobatics, puppetry, interactive video projections and pyrotechnics to tell the epic saga of Imperial twins—a boy and a girl—who embark on an adventurous journey to fulfill their destinies.

The title is inspired by the ancient Egyptian belief in the ‘ka’, an invisible spiritual duplicate of the body that accompanies every human being throughout this life and into the next.

The theatre at the MGM Grand in Vegas is custom built for the production and every seat has speakers built into the headrest for customised sound effects. The video projections are an intricate mix of computer-generated effects and human input that turn the performance space into a cinema screen.

Scene from KAA year into the production, Technical Director Dave Churchill says:  “The fact that we are able to make this show happen twice a night, five days a week, is nothing short of amazing. There were plenty of times that many people felt we were attempting the impossible - and we now do the impossible ten times a week!

“For every performance, more than 100 technicians follow a very precise choreography of moves and cues, which the audience never sees. A year has taught us that we sure can pull off some impressive feats when we have to, and that each day leads us a step closer to making the impossible a daily habit.”

Jeanette Farmer, the Lighting Director says  “The Electrics Department, which handles lighting, projection and building power, has found this year to be both challenging and rewarding. We have had to learn how to take care of Cirque’s biggest lighting rig to date, the most complicated networked computer-control system yet, and our one-of-a-kind projection system.”

KÀ has attracted a number of big celebrity fans the biggest of all being Tom Cruise, who saw KÀ three times in the past year!


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