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Kathriona and DanannUCD sports scientist Brian Caulfield puts Danann, Kathriona, and a field of top athletes through a series of gruelling tests to determine: who’s the fittest overall. (Hint: it’s not Danann. Or Kathriona.)

But what does ‘fit’ mean, anyway? SCOPE finds out.

Trying to gain a competitive edge over each other, our heroic duo try out some of the latest techniques. Kathriona investigates the latest in sports psychology techniques, while Danann goes for the absolutely newest thing: cryotherapy.

Also: researchers in Cork take ideas from the electronics industry to make microscopic needles that might lead to future jabs at your doctor being entirely pain-free, chemist Robert Healy shows us round his air pollution lab, and Kian Egan of Westlife tells us why he thinks the electric toothbrush is the best invention ever.

Sports Psychology

Sports PsychologySCOPE looks into Sports Psychology, a new MA course being offered in Waterford Institute of Technology...[more]

The Lab Pentathlon

PentathlonThe SCOPE team sweat it out under lab conditions to find out more about anaerobic fitness and capacity... [more]


Cutting Edge: Microneedles

Microneedles Medical syringes will lose their sting if the Tyndall Institute in Cork has anything to do with it...[more]


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