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Small World

Temple Bar CrowdIreland’s a small place, where everyone seems to know everybody else. SCOPE aims to find out just how true that is, with its version of the classic ‘six degrees of separation’ experiment.

Kathriona is given the challenge of being introduced to a plasterer in Galway. The catch? She has to start by calling somebody she knows who might be closer to the target… and they have to introduce her to somebody they know who might be closer still, and so on. We follow her progress video-diary style, as she dashes around the country.

Along the way, we talk to sociologist Tobias Theiler, social software expert  and leading blogger Bernie Goldbach (who explains how Danann and Kathriona can have a running race, despite there being half the country between them), and Trinity College’s virtual recreation of Dublin and its crowds of people.

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