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Danann and Danny BoyleCillian Murphy stars in Trainspotting and 28 Days Later director Danny Boyle’s latest film, Sunshine.

The film deals with a mission to relight the dying sun; Scope goes behind-the-scenes to see how real science informed the film drama, and takes a peek at how the sun really works with Trinity College’s world-leading heliophysics researchers.

Kathriona visits the Joint European Torus, home of attempts to recreate solar physics on Earth in an unimaginably hot plasma fusion experiment.

Irish Oscar-winner Anil Kokoram talks us through his latest digital effects trickery, and Geordie pop stars the Futureheads go all misty-eyed talking about their favourite invention – bread?!

What is the sun?

SunWe speak to Dr. Peter Gallagher of Trinity College Dublin who is doing in-depth research into the phenomenon of solar flares...[more]

JET - Nuclear Fusion Research

JETSCOPE investigates nuclear fusion research at the Joint European Torus or JET in England. JET is the world’s largest nuclear fusion research facility...[more]


Anil Kokaram

Anil KokaramDr Anil Kokaram, a Trinity College researcher, recently bagged an Oscar for his work developing cutting-edge video editing software. ...[more]


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