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St. Patrick's Day

Danann and KathrionaSCOPE - the show that loves science, engineering and technology, looks back into time as well as forward this week.

We celebrate all things St. Patrick as Danann Breathnach and Kathriona Devereux uncover the ancient history of fine Irish engineering at Newgrange, find out where the snakes really went, and get closer to fireworks than is normally sensible.

Ancient engineers made Newgrange

NewgrangeSCOPE investigates the history and ancient engineering behind the mysterious megalithic tomb of Newgrange...[more]


Why Ireland has no snakes

Contrary to legend, the lack of snakes in Ireland has more to do with simple geography than the efforts of St. Patrick and his magical staff. ...[more]



FireworksWe also take a closer look at the science behind fireworks and the components that help produce the dazzling displays that light up the night sky on special occasions...[more]


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