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Putting Your Foot in It

Brian Lenihan's "Mature Recollection", Peter Brooke singing "My Darling Clementine" on the Late Late Show, and Pádraig Flynn with his three houses - Scannal! looks at political gaffes which happened live on our television screens.

We've all put our foot in it one time or another. However few of us have destroyed our careers or changed the course of Irish history due to something we said or did on the spur of the moment. But this is an occupational hazard for every politician in the age of instant media. Brian Lenihan lost his job as Tánaiste and ensured the election of Mary Robinson with a series of gaffes broadcast live to the nation, the most famous of which was his use of the phrase "mature recollection". Pádraig Flynn got himself into trouble on the Late Late Show when he said that Tom Gilmartin was "not well" and "out of sorts". His comments about the difficulties of running three houses further angered ordinary people who were being crucified by spiralling house prices. And Peter Brooke sealed his political fate when he sang "My Darling Clementine" on the Late Late show in the aftermath of a horrific IRA massacre in Northern Ireland. Putting Your Foot in It analyses how these gaffes came about, what impact they had, and what they tell us about the modern media age.

Producer/Director: Denise Dunne
Presenter/Reporter: Fachtna Ó Drisceoil

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