RTÉ One, Thursday, 7.00pm

Chappaquiddick: The Wrong Turn

Scannal visits Chappaquiddick, and that fateful night in July 1969 when Senator Edward Kennedy's car overturned on a remote bridge on an island just off the Cape Cod coast, killing his passenger, Miss Mary Jo Kopechne.

The circumstances surrounding the events of that night have always been the subject of controversy. How did Kennedy manage to survive and not save his passenger? Why did he not get help immediately? And why did it take him over 9 hours to report the incident to the police?

Kennedy made a statement to police at the time and later broadcast his version of events live to the nation, but his story has been consistently - and vehemently - contested by many over the years. We go back through the archives to piece the story together once more and examine the fallout of the incident for all involved. We speak to some of those central to the investigation and look at how the many inconsistencies in Kennedy's version of events that night have haunted his political career ever since.

Reporter: Padraig O'Driscoll
Producer/Director: Sarah Ryder

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