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The Saturday Night Show


The Saturday Night Show
Sarah Harding

Programme: 12 April

This week on The Saturday Night Show, Ireland and Ulster player Andrew Trimble will be discussing his great Six-Nations comeback. RTÉ's George Lee will talking about being back in the newsroom and giving his take on our economic recovery and talk of a property bubble. The always fun Sarah Harding tells us about moving on from the Girls Aloud and helping Bressie out on The Voice of Ireland. Dr Ciara Kelly from Operation Transformation will be discussing how GPs are on their knees after years of cuts.

And there will be music from the exceptional Julie Feeney.

The Saturday Night Show and The John Murray Show are running a music competition. Emerging musicians are invited to send in their music to the John Murray Show by email. The John Murray Show decides on a shortlist of the 20 best acts and a panel of experts will reduce the field from 20 to six.

These six are all played (pre-recorded) on the John Murray Show in a semi-final on Friday, May 16, where the top three are decided by a panel on that show.

The final three then play live in Studio 8 in the John Murray Show final on Thursday, May 29. The overall winner plays again on the Saturday Night Show on Saturday, May 31. Please ensure the soloist and/or band members are available for these key dates.


  • Talent must be emerging rather than established. Open to those who have not received considerable air-play and/or exposure. Entrants must also normally be resident in the 32 counties.
  • It is open to all musical genres like punk, pop, rock 'n' roll, folk, electronic, compositional etc.
  • A backline and sound engineer will be provided by the Saturday Night Show on the night of the winning performance, May 31, but the winning act will provide their own instruments and drum kit. The winning act will look after their own expenses on the night of the Saturday Night Show performance.


  • How do I enter? All entries are by email only and should be sent to
  • What should my entry include? Your email should include a short description (maximum 100 words) of the musician or band, a contact phone number and ONE audio file attachment. The audio filename should contain the band/musician name and composition title. The entry should also include a photo of act of approximately 1Mb. Only original work will be considered - no covers or samples. Due to a high volume of entries we cannot give individual feedback on music received.
  • Which type audio files should I send? Audio files must be sent in high-quality audio, preferably stereo and of as high a production standard as possible as this track is what will be played on the John Murray Show on RTE Radio One. MP3 (192kbps or higher) files only will be accepted. No other file types should be entered as they will not be accepted. Tracks should be no longer than 3'30" in duration.
  • Can I enter more than once? No. One entry is sufficient
  • 8. Deadline for submission? Get your music in ASAP. Deadline for submissions Friday, May 2


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