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Tatianna Ouliankina

It's been three years since the exotic character of Lana Borodin first appeared of the streets of Carrigstown. Since then, the Russian actress who plays her, Tatianna Ouliankina, has become a regular feature of "Fair City".

In this candid interview, with Gerry Ryan, Tatianna tells him of the circumstances that brought her to Ireland and our TV screens. She describes her own experience of the tumultuous events which led to the fall of the Soviet Union.

She explains why relations can sometimes prove fraught backstage at Ireland's favourite soap opera. And she also tells Gerry how to be a successful flirt.

On the fall of the Soviet Union:

"We were ready for freedom. We were ready for truth - because there were lies for so many years. Then we found out the truth. We found out what happened under Stalin. To be happy you have to be free. You have to have freedom of choice. Now, we can travel. We can see the world. We don't have to be prisoners in our own country any more."

On meeting her husband:

"I looked up and saw him and I thought - "I'm going to have a child with him. That's the man I'm going to marry." I didn't sleep with him for three months. I knew if I did I would never see him again. The rule with good-looking man is - don't sleep with him too soon."

On flirtation:

"What is flirtation? Is it when you give someone hope that you shag him? For me, it's a game. It's playful. It doesn't lead to anything. It makes man feel good. I like it too. But some guys don't get it. So I try only to flirt with men I like."

Tatianna Ouliankina