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Latif Yahia

In tonight's edition of Ryan Confidential - the last in the series - Gerry talks to Latif Yahia.

Fifteen years ago, Latif had one of the most unusual and unenviable jobs in the world - he was the body-double of Saddam Hussein's elder son. Uday Hussein is believed by many to have been insane - he was certainly highly unstable, and prone to fits of uncontrollable and murderous rage.

For close to five years, Latif was part of the top-secret "Project 7" - where he witnessed innumerable scenes of rape, torture and other appalling acts of violence.

Latif survived several assassination attempts - and was even shot on one occasion by Uday. He escaped from Iraq in 1991 - and, ten years ago, arrived in Ireland. He has since married an Irish woman - and now lives here with her and their children.

Uday Hussein - along with his brother - was killed by American forces in Iraq in 2003.

Gerry chats to Latif Yahia