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Larry Gogan

Gerry is joined by a genuine legend in Irish broadcasting - the one and only Larry Gogan.

Larry's broadcasting career began in a very different Ireland - one where pop music was often regarded with a considerable degree of suspicion. On one occasion, he was even forbidden by RTÉ from playing Val Doonican's recording of "Paddy McGinty's Goat" - on the grounds that "the lyrics were unsuitable for children to hear".

Successive generations have grown up in Ireland listening to his distinctive voice - and relishing some of the answers that have been given on his "Just A Minute" Quiz. They have also benefited from Larry's extraordinary and detailed knowledge of popular music - for which his enthusiasm remains undimmed by the passing years. Larry talks to Gerry about some of the most remarkable moments in his long career. He also speaks movingly about his long and happy marriage to his childhood sweetheart, Florrie - and the desolation he felt when she died a few years ago.

Gerry chats to Larry Gogan