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Bob Geldof

Following a momentous year in an extraordinary life, Gerry Ryan talks to Bob Geldof about his leadership of the Make Poverty History campaign, the hugely successful Live8 concerts, and his relationships with world leaders and his music.

Raised in a working class Irish suburban home, Geldof left a repressive and impoverished Ireland in the early 1970s.

Having shot to fame as the frontman of the Boomtown Rats, Geldof quickly became known as a colourful spokesman for rock music. By 1984, with his musical career in decline, Geldof's life took a new direction with the launch of Band Aid. Following on the from the enormous success of Live Aid the following year, Geldof began to emerge as a powerful lobbyist for change and a hugely controversial and powerful advocate for Africa.

Twenty years later - in March this year - having continued to grow in political stature and international recognition, he announced the Live 8 project to raise awareness of issues which have continued to plague Africa, such as famine, government debt, trade barriers and AIDS.

The five events in London, Paris, Rome, Philadelphia and Ontario were designed to exert maximum political pressure on the critical G8 summit in July and were widely acclaimed for the key role they played in the overall Make Poverty History campaign. As the year closes, with the release of 'Bob Geldof Great Songs of Indifference - The Anthology 1986 - 2001', once again Bob the Musician as opposed to 'Saint Bob' comes under the spotlight.

Bob Geldof