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Episode 5

The climactic events on Race Day will see the power dynamic between Carrick and Aidan enter a new phase. An old flame of Aidan's is rekindled.

Both Carrick and Aidan have their star horses entered in a forthcoming race at the Curragh. Aidan really needs the purse from the win because one of his creditors, Moira Sweeney, is about to lose her feed business, and Aidan feels obliged to swiftly redeem his debt. He also does a whip-around for Moira, with the locals, in an effort to help her save the business.

On race day, Aidan's obnoxious jockey, Billy Tiernan, is bitten by the colt. Tiernan will need stitches, so he's out of the race. Aidan urgently needs a replacement, but the colt, now known as Rough Diamond, is so unpredictable, he needs to be ridden by someone who knows him.

Sheridan is the obvious alternative, in spite of her father's inevitable wrath. Aidan's always believed in Sheridan, and this is her big chance. Yolanda, in a sudden change of heart, gives Sheridan her blessing to race the colt against Carrick's prize horse, Coolbay Star.

The first Carrick knows of his daughter's involvement is when he sees the race card for the day. He places a bet on Sheridan, as well as Coolbay Star and when Sheridan brings the colt home to a stunning result, Charlie Carrick cannot disguise his pride.

In the mad seconds that follow, Moira and Aidan kiss fleetingly, as Yolanda looks on in dismay. Moira and Aidan tone down their embrace to carry on celebrating with everyone else, but we know that as the series ends, their story is just beginning.

Aidan tries to raise some cash
Carrick bets
Carrick celebrates the win