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Episode 5

The term trophy wife takes on new meaning for Yolanda. Aidan and Hooper lock horns over a talented filly at the sales.

One evening, Aidan finds an injured owl behind the stable yard. He calls Yolanda in for an expert opinion, as this owl's family have been around Doherty & Son for generations. Aidan and Yolanda share a tender moment in their shared concern for the owl. When Yolanda gets home, Carrick is already in bed, seeming a little jealous over Yolanda's absence with Aidan.

The next day is Carrick and Yolanda's anniversary. Yolanda receives ¤150,000 for a trip to the horse sales, from Carrick. Because Carrick has to go to Dublin on "emergency business", Hooper is supposed to drive Yolanda to the sale, but she goes with Aidan instead.

Sheridan is spending more time at Aidan's yard, helping to ride out the horses. Dermot is feeling his age. Jonah is disgruntled at Dermot's bossing and he goes against orders, pitting Blagger and the Colt against each other, though it clearly riles both horses.

At the sales, Aidan and Yolanda identify a talented horse called Coolbay Star. Francie Mulligan, an old rival of Aidan's, and a creditor, has his eye on the same horse. A bidding war ensues, and Aidan over-extends himself, on Yolanda's behalf, incurring the wrath of the authorities. Yolanda pleads for Carrick's clemency, hoping he will bail out Aidan and Hooper is revealed as a traitor to Carrick and Firebrand.

Carrick delivers a surprise to Yolanda and restores her to full-time vetting for Firebrand, mollifying her concerns over being a trophy wife. Dermot helps Jonah get Blagger and the Colt to coexist harmoniously.

Aidan, Yolanda and Hooper
Francie Mulligan and Yolanda
Jonah struggles with Blagger