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Episode 4

Rough Diamond's youngsters are in for some high drama when they take a reckless race, with serious consequences. Will Jonah be sent packing back to the UK, now that his mother has tracked him down? Will Carrick succeed in sending Sheridan to Milan?

Jonah wants to press ahead with the colt's training programme but Aidan counsels patience. As the owner, Jonah tries to pull rank. Father and son finally agree on Aidan training Jonah to ride, and Jonah training the colt to win.

Carrick offers Jonah a full time job at Firebrand. Jonah's mother, Lisa Baxter, arrives from the UK with a view to taking her son home. Aidan begins to feel highly ambivalent, though he is the one who summoned Lisa to Ireland. Lisa has Jonah's GCSE results with her - straight fails. Meanwhile, Sheridan is the apple of her parents' eyes, for scoring 5 A's in her exams. Sheridan insists she wants to be a jockey. Carrick and Yolanda are having none of it. Carrick devises a plan to send his daughter to Milan for 6 weeks, to "get the smell of horses out of her hair".

Jonah assumes he's been stitched up, when he sees his mother, Lisa, at Aidan's yard. His fears are confirmed when Aidan clumsily tries to talk to the lad about his exam results and his future in Ireland or the UK. A hurt Jonah announces he's got two weeks work at Firebrand. Sheridan and Jonah are united in their opposition to their parents' ideas of a future for them.

Meanwhile, Aidan spends time with the colt, telling Dermot he'll get more done without Jonah hanging around. Later, checking something on the boundary of his land, he sees Jonah and Carrick watching the lads, taking the horses through the gallops. Lisa and Aidan eventually agree that it good Jonah's working for Carrick - at least, that way Jonah stands a chance of a career. After all, in the racing world, Firebrand's a winner, and Aidan's the first to admit - his stables are virtually unknown except by his debtors.

Jonah and Sheridan recklessly take a spontaneous race on the track at McCloskey's Gallops, riding Carrick's Firefight and the colt. Jonah wins but the colt collapses afterwards. Fortunately, Yolanda is on hand to minister this emergency, but can she save this wilful but talented horse? And crucially, can Aidan forgive Jonah's recklessness and prevent the lad from returning to the UK with his mother?

Meanwhile, Carrick goes on the war-path to identify the renegade stable-hand who jeopardised his prize, million-Euro racehorse by allowing Sheridan to take him out on the track.

Sheridan celebrates her results
Jonah at Firebrand
Sheridan galloping