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Episode 3

Jonah's colt can now be ridden regularly - but Jonah is supposed to ride only under the close and loving supervision of Aidan. As far as Aidan's concerned, the colt doesn't yet ride out with the string, but progress is definitely being made. Jonah rides the colt in secret, and he's getting better at it.

Carrick's prize stallion, Waltzer is not performing for the wealthy Arab clients who have flown in to observe the covering. Carrick is devastated. Waltzer's failure is a massive financial blow. Even worse, it's like a psychological affront, as if the horse's lack of virility reflects on him personally.

Yolanda suggests calling Aidan. The business man in Carrick wins out over his reluctance. It's easier to lose face than a fortune in stud fees. But Aidan's price is too high; he wants Carrick to allow him a free covering for Honey Cup with Irish Waltzer. Carrick refuses.

Next morning, all hell breaks loose at Carrick's yard and now it's the clients who look fit to bolt. Yolanda visits Aidan and persuades him to help with Waltzer. After examining the horse, Aidan takes great pleasure in telling Carrick that Waltzer needs to be calmed and that the best technique is to sing to him - but - and this is crucial - it's the owner, Carrick who'll have to sing. The Firebrand crew are slack-jawed at this. There is no way a successful business man like Carrick's going to belt out show tunes to a neurotic horse but in desperation, Carrick takes a deep breath and goes for it. Within the hour, Waltzer is back on form.

Over the following days, Waltzer's performance is outstanding and the stud cash pours in again. However, Aidan has a cunning, nocturnal plan: to steal the covering he tried to negotiate with Carrick between Waltzer and his own horse. He enlists Dermot and charms a female Firebrand hand to help him organise the equestrian tryst. Sadly for all concerned, this incident ends tragically and causes serious friction between Aidan and Yolanda.

Meanwhile, Jonah, feeling neglected by his father and excluded from the yard, meets up with some of the lads from Firebrand and gets involved in car cruising - racing blindfolded along the country lanes. Sheridan rides shot-gun. They narrowly avoid catastrophe.

Later that night, when Doherty & Son are safe and sound back at the yard, Aidan wants to make amends with Jonah. Aidan finds Jonah asleep with the colt; he stares at his son for a long time and then leaves, pulling his mobile phone out. He's calling Lisa, Jonah's mother in the UK.

Sheridan and Jonah