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Episode 2

Jonah and Aidan are still adjusting to each other, and it seems as if it'll be a bumpy ride. What's clear is that Jonah wants his dad to make a go of things with the Doherty & Son stable.

Carrick arrives with a Turf Club inspector. Aidan needs at least five horses to keep his trainers' license. Aidan needs to find himself three thoroughbreds by the end of the day. It could be over for Doherty and Son before it's even begun. Carrick gleefully twists the knife in front of the inspector.

Aidan's first approach is from a couple who want their daughter's horse trained to be a race winner. Aidan learns that the horse's jockey was their daughter, Oonagh who is now estranged from them. They bought her a horse and keep racing it, hoping that one day she'll come home.

Through Sheridan Carrick, Aidan tracks Oonagh down. Aidan goes back to Oonagh's parents, who haven't seen her for two years. Aidan orchestrates a reunion and agrees to take the horse on.

Carrick starts a subtle sabotage campaign with local feed and supply merchants, honing on Moira Sweeney, who seems to have a romantic past with Aidan. Dermot gets wind of this and manages to purloin the few supplies they need from Firebrand. The lads there still love him. Jonah also manages to call in some favours for his dad, who's very popular in the business.

In an eleventh hour deal, the formidable Moira agrees that Aidan can train her horse to pay off his debt. Now Aidan, with that elusive fifth thoroughbred horse, is back in business.

Ray Hogan's colt from episode one is still dangerous, but Aidan perseveres and his patience is starting to show some returns. Yolanda visits, and checks the colt for free - relishing this chance for some proper vetting. She also takes the opportunity to check on how Aidan's looking after Jonah. Jonah seems to be devoting all his energy to preparing Aidan's yard and the horses, but his Dad is as elusive as ever. Yolanda sees how it hurts Jonah that Aidan finds it easier to bond with horses than with his son.

Aidan and Moira argue