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Episode 1

Aidan has practically sold the yard to Carrick - only the contract is left to sign. It's been a painful year and he's ready to leave it all behind. Hogan brings him a highly strung colt, claiming Aidan himself was due to buy the horse a year ago. It's made Hogan's life hell since. Aidan's not interested. Into this mess walks, Jonah. The son Aidan never knew he had but as Jonah looks around the dilapidated yard, he can't bring himself to tell Aidan. As he turns to go, it seems the colt has other ideas - no one's going anywhere. Aidan is forced into working with the colt. Watching his father "horse whisper" the colt, Jonah hears the seductive whisper too.

Sheridan comes to the yard, instantly suspicious of Jonah; her suspicions only increase when Jonah claims to be Aidan's son. Sheridan goads him into meeting her later on a local hillside for a gallop. While Aidan is distracted by Yolanda, Jonah manages to mount the colt. The horse bolts and for a few magical minutes it's that magnificent, perfect fusion of speed and motion. Then Jonah's on his arse and the horse's disappearing over the horizon, leaving Jonah bruised but smiling after the most exhilarating experience of his life.

Its mayhem back at Aidan's yard. Carrick's there, still pushing for a signature, Hogan's demanding to know where the colt is - nobody's paid for it yet, and try as she may, Yolanda hasn't enough oil for these troubled waters. Sheridan returns, sans Jonah and horse. Aidan wants out, so takes off with Sheridan to find the colt. Sheridan tells Aidan that Jonah mentioned he was Aidan's son. Aidan can't believe it and then he finds a betting slip.

Aidan tracks Jonah down to the betting shop, where he's just had a big win. Back at the stables, Aidan makes Jonah pay Hogan for the colt even though the horse is nowhere to be seen. Then Jonah spots the colt but only Aidan can bring him in. The Colt's lame and Yolanda offers to check him over, in spite of Carrick's disapproval. Carrick pressures Aidan to sign, but Aidan is now seeing his yard with fresh eyes, taking in Jonah, Dermot and the colt. He tells Carrick to take his handmade shoes, fancy car - oh and the contract too - and get the hell off his land.


Over at Firebrand, Carrick shows off to the press photographer. He's on a PR drive, timed to coincide with the acquisition of the neighbouring land. The horses have new designer blankets and the lads all sport smart branded bomber jackets. To top off the presentation, Carrick introduces his new English trainer who's really going to put Firebrand back on the map.

Jonah and Aidan
The Carrick Family