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RTÉ One,Sunday, 9.30pm
Dermot Bannon: Architect

Programme Six - Stillorgan

Room to Improve

Clare Heenan and Rory Kelly live in a compact 1950's bungalow in the south Dublin suburb of Stillorgan. Long time renters, the couple struggled for years to afford this house. It's their first home but -with a series of small, disjointed rooms and a damp, grotty extension - it's far from ideal...

The young couple have an extensive 'wish list' and - despite a limited budget of ¤90,000, they are determined to make the most of it. They love to entertain and - along with some much needed space and reorganisation of the house's cramped layout - former chef Rory has his heart set on a bespoke kitchen to match his culinary aspirations.

After a series of re-adjustments to match the budget, Architect Dermot Bannon proposes an angled extension to the rear of the bungalow and takes his new clients to meet chef Paolo Tullio for a masterclass in kitchen design and the efficient use of space.

The architect's entire vision for the finish of Rory's kitchen hinges on an idea inspired by an unassuming but prized possession Dermot picked up on a visit to Finland when he was still at college - a laminated plywood eggcup...

With unforeseen costs putting constant pressure on the budget, a legacy of structural problems with the house, and some unilateral design tweaks by Rory and Clare, what seems at first to be a straightforward build turns out to be anything but and the architect finds himself taking two steps back for every step forward.

With the design menu changing faster than he can serve alternatives, has Dermot cooked up his very own recipe for disaster?

Watch this episode of Room to Improve on the 22nd December 9.30pm on RTÉ ONE.

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