Programme Eight: Dublin

Neville Knott gives out the homework. Interior design experts Karl, Joseph and Annemarie have to breathe new life into a lad pad, cluttered bedroom and kitchen/ dining area.

Dan Steen
Dan has been living in the flat outside his parents house for the last ten years. The lack of storage is really starting to annoy him and he would really like to make the place look more presentable and tidy. Dan would also like the downstairs area to incorporate a workstation and relaxing/ entertaining space. Essentially, Dan wants a space created where he feels relaxed, uncluttered and that he gets a good nights sleep.

Ian Barber & Sue Jameson
Ian and Sue bought this 3 storey red brick house in 1986. This house was "the best wreck" they could afford, and over the years they have been constantly working on the house and keeping it in one piece the best they can! Iain and Sue are both hoarders and they hate to throw out anything with sentimental value. Rather than buy furniture, Sue has collected various bit and pieces over the years and finds a way to make them work in the house, which means the style is very mismatched and eclectic. Their master bedroom hasn't been redecorated in 20 years. Sue would love a relaxing, calming space to escape the chaos of the house, with lots of storage to hide away the clutter.

Cathy & David Medbury
Cathy Medbury, and her husband David have put years of work into completing redesign the internal structure of what was originally a 3-bedroom semi detached house. The kitchen has been created in a huge, bright extension, but Cathy's dream kitchen space hasn't worked out as she had planned. There is dead space down one end that she can't think how to use, the island is in the wrong locations, and the dining and seating area has never been finished. Cathy and David would love a designer to bring the look together to give their house a polished, finished look.

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Dublin Content and Suppliers:
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Homeowner Room Budget Designer Location
Dan Steen Lad pad ¤3,150 Joseph McCann Rathfarnham
Sue Jameson & Iain Barber Bedroom ¤3,322 Karl Fradgley Rathgar
Cathy & David Medbury Kitchen/ Dining Area ¤3,300 Annemarie Hamill Knocklyon


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