Programme Six: Dublin

Neville Knott challenges the Roomers to transform a boring bathroom, liven up a living room and decorate a dressing room.

Deirdre & Peter Byers
Dee and Peter live in a 1950's house built by Dee's father. They both have experience in property development and an interest in interiors. Their bathroom has not been done up for 15 years. As well as needing to be modernised the layout needs to be reworked as their Son Matthew (24) is six foot six and cannot fit under the shower or in the bath. Dee would love the bathroom to be a luxurious and calming sanctuary, that is easy to keep clean and practical for the whole family.

Ciara Bolger & Dave Lawson
Ciara Bolger and Dave Lawson bought their first home in may 2010 and have been trying to do-up the house bit by bit since they moved in. The living room is the last room in the house in need of decoration and they want it to be the feature room of the house. The marble fireplace and bay window are the main feature's in the living room. Ciara would like the room to have a Laura Ashley feel.

Elaine Comyn
Elaine bought this 1930s cottage 12 years ago and has put a lot of work into it over the years. Elaine has very specific ideas about the style of the house, which she describes as minimal and modern, but still comfy and cosy. She has a spare room at the front which is cluttered with junk. She would love to turn the room into a clean, modern dressing room with lots of storage. She would love a mixture of textures so the room doesn't feel cold: she likes minimalism, but not sparseness. Elaine would hate a lush, Paris Hilton style dressing room; anything pink would jar with the look of the house.

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Homeowner Room Budget Designer Location
Deirdre & Peter Byers Bathroom ¤5,500 Joseph McCann Blackrock
Ciara Bolger & Dave Lawson Living Room ¤5,000 Karl Fradgley Portobello
Elaine Comyn Dressing Room ¤4,600 Annemarie Hamill Marylands


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