Programme Three: Laois

Neville Knott gets the Roomers to redesign a nursery, a kitchen and a living room.

Leona & Wesley Bennett
Leona and Wesley are due their first baby in May. Despite having built and decorated the whole house themselves, Leona feels quite daunted by the challenge of decorating the nursery. It is a big step in their lives and she really wants to get it right but has no idea where to start. She would like a cosy, relaxed, inviting room that she would be happy to spend hours in while caring for the new baby. As Leona does not know the sex of the baby, the room will have to be gender nuteral. She would like the room to include a comfortable chair for holding the baby and clever storage units and achanging unit. She loves the idea of pannelling the walls as it would bring warmth to the room.

Aisling Crossan
Aisling bought her Portlaoise home in July. At the time, it was in a state of absolute disrepair but Aisling and her partner Gavin they have been painstakingly renovating the house since then. Aislng would like an old country style kitchen with pine or cream woods but can't stand ultra modern styled kitchens. Aisling has already bought a selection of appliances for the kitchen - including, a dark silver American style fridge, black and silver electric range cooker and stove. Will these appliances fit into the designs tha Karl has drawn up?

Olivia & Leonard Reamsbottom
Leonard and Olivia have struggled to come up with a design they like for their living room . Neither have the eye to put anything together, and they need Annemarie to bring a coherence to the room. They would love their living room to be a room that they are proud of, can use regularly & is a haven for relaxation that the family can share. At the moment, the living room is drab and needs a new suite of furniture and flooring.

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Laois Content and Suppliers:
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Homeowner Room Budget Designer Location
Leona & Wesley Bennett Nursery ¤2,000 Joseph McCann Mountmellick
Aisling Crossan Kitchen ¤12,985 Karl Fradgley Portlaoise
Olivia & Leonard Reamsbottom Living Room ¤8,500 Annemarie Hamill Clogher


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