Programme 2: Meath

Neville Knott gets the Roomers, Interior designers Joe, Karl and Annemarie to rescue two very different living rooms, and a halls stairs and landing.

Cheryl Cooper & Johnny Spicer
Cheryl and Johnny live in Johnny's old family home, which was built in the early 1800s. They want to transform the old billiard room into their living room while respecting the original period features of the room. The room is quite dark with lots of antique furniture. Cheryl would like the room to be revamped and made brighter, with wild wallpaper patterns, homemade cushions and reupholstered furniture.

Frank & Bernadette Byrne
Bernadette and Franks existing living room is very large, it was previously two bedrooms and a kitchen. As a room it is quite dated and needs an image overhaul. They adore autumnal colours and would like their new living room to be warm and comfortable. Bernadette and Frank are very open to designer Karlls opinions and influence.

Deirdre & Emmet McHugh
Deirdre & Emmet moved into their family home 3 years ago and are trying to do the house up one bit at a time. The house had been decorated with quite garish colours which scared them initially and they painted everything cream. But now Emmet and Deirdre would like to br ing a little personality into each room. They would love a "wow" hall as this is what greets them and their guests each day.

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Meath Content and Suppliers:
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Download Supplier Information for Frank & Bernadette Byrne Living Room...
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Homeowner Room Budget Designer Location
Cheryl Cooper & Johnny Spicer Living Room ¤5,800 Joseph McCann Navan
Frank & Bernadette Byrne Living Room ¤6,780 Karl Fradgley Drumconraith
Deirdre & Emmet McHugh Hall, Stairs & Landing ¤4,600 Annemarie Hamill Gibbstown


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