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Programme 1
Neville Knott and team visit Galway, where he challenges the Roomers to save a kitchen stuck in the 70s, reinvent an unliveable living room and transform a bedroom on a bargain basement budget.

Programme 2
This week Neville and his crew visit Co. Meath to help three homes in desperate need of room renovation.

Programme 3
This week Neville Knott gets the team to redesign a nursery, a kitchen and a living room.

Programme 4
This week Neville Knott gets the Roomers, Interior designers Joe, Karl and Annemarie to rescue a guestroom, bathroom and kitchen/ dining area.

Programme 5
This week Neville Knott gets the Roomers, to transform a boring bedroom, a lack lustre living room and an unappetising kitchen.

Programme 6
Neville Knott challenges the Roomers to transform a boring bathroom, liven up a living room and decorate a dressing room.

Programme 7
This Week Neville Knott gets the Roomers to redesign a child's bedroom, a music room and a living room.

Programme 8
This Week nterior design experts Karl, Joseph and Annemarie have to breathe new life into a lad pad, cluttered bedroom and kitchen/ dining area.

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