Reeling in the Years

The Nineties: 1992

Reeling in the Years

Ireland's High Court prevents a 14 year-old girl from travelling to Britain for an abortion.Although the Supreme Court overturns the ruling, the 'X' Case leads to bitter debate and a referendum on abortion.

Unemployment reaches record levels in 1992. 290,000 people are now out of work. Cork has one of the highest unemployment rates.

Britain's Labour Party looks set for general election victory. John Major defies the opinion polls. He leads the Tory Party to it's fourth successive win.

Joe Hendron of the SDLP takes the West Belfast seat from Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams.

Los Angeles is hit by the Rodney King 'race riots'. Four policemen accused of beating a black suspect are acquitted by an all-white jury. L.A. has two days of rioting, looting and murder.

RTÉ goes on strike in 1992. Normal service is resumed after six weeks.

Sean Doherty goes on 'Nighthawks'. He implicates Charles Haughey in the 1982 phone-tapping scandal.

With the Progressive Democrats threatening to pull out of coalition government, Haughey resigns. Fianna Fail says goodbye to the man who has led the party for thirteen years.

Albert Reynolds is the new Taoiseach and Fianna Fail leader.

1992 is a difficult year for Britain's Royals.

A fire destroys part of Windsor Castle. Newspaper revelations damage the Duchess of York.

After eleven years of marriage, Princess Diana and Prince Charles agree to separate. The Queen dubs the year "Annus Horribilis".

An American woman reveals her affair with Dr Eamonn Casey who is also the father of her 17 year-old son. Dr Casey admits giving £70,000 of diocesan funds to Annie and Peter Murphy. He flees to South America.

In Florida, Ben Dunne is arrested on drugs charges. He is freed after paying a $5,000 fine.

On the same day that the IRA massacres eight Protestant workmen. Northern Secretary Peter Brooke sings on the 'Late Late'. An angry reaction follows from the North.

Somalia is ravaged by civil wars and famine. Gang warlords control the supply of food. Millions of people face starvation.

Bosnian Serb forces lay siege to Sarajevo. A limited UN force is powerless to prevent the carnage. Sarajevo's citizens are left to the shelling and sniper fire. The world is shocked, but not shocked enough to act decisively- even after atrocities at a Bosnian Serb prison camp.

Yugoslav refugees are made welcome in Ireland in 1992.

The Olympic Games open in Barcelona. Boxer Wayne McCullough takes silver for Ireland. Dubliner Michael Carruth takes gold. The Carruth family celebrates at home and abroad. It is Ireland's first Olympic gold in 36 years.

In the new dance music culture, Ecstasy is the illegal drug of choice. Experts warn of dangerous side-effects.

Bill Clinton challenges George Bush for the U.S. presidency, fighting allegations of sleaze, drug-taking and draft-dodging. He is elected President on 3 November winning 43% of the vote.

Amid accusations of 'dishonesty' at the Beef Tribunal, The Progressive Democrats pull out of government. A general election fails to produce a clear result. 1992 closes with various political negotiations in progress.

Opus III - It's A Fine Day
Sultans Of Ping F.C. - Where's Me Jumper?
Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
Stereo MC'S - Step It Up
Linda Martin - Why Me?
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge
U2 - One
Lightning Seeds - The Life Of Riley
Daniel O'Donnell - I Just Want To Dance With You
The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode
Charles And Eddie - Would I Lie To You

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