Recipe For Success RTÉ One, Thursday 8.30pm

Programme 4

The fourth programme in this new six-part series sees restarauteur guru Oliver Peyton guiding three more home cooks on their journey to mass produce their gastronomic creations. Only one can go forward to the final.

For their homemade dishes to become viable commercial products, the cooks must embark on a tough and testing journey with a little help from Itsabagel restaurant owner Domini Kemp. Their food will be scrutinised by professionals and refined to meet the exacting demands of supermarket development. It is an arduous process. Few dishes will stay the course and only one of the fifteen recipes will have what it takes to become a professional product fit for the shelves of Supervalu's 190 stores.

Will Christine Jordan's meal in a pot for babies hold its own against Maeve Lewis' Florentines or will artisan sausage maker Frank Krawczyk bring home the bacon?

Christine Jordan

Christine Jordan (Finalist)

38 year old Christine Jordan is from Rathmines, in Dublin and moved to Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow in 2001 where she and her husband Jim live in a Swedish Eco house that they built beside an old cottage on the banks of the River Barrow. Christine's mother's family is from Schull in West Cork, and the business of artisan food is something that she has been familiar with all her life. An industrial and furniture designer, food and cooking was always a second love and from a young age worked in restaurants in Dublin, Rome and the USA both front and back of house. She lived in Italy in 1988 and learned lots of secrets of Italian cooking, namely simplicity! She later combined her interests in design and food by working as a specialist kitchen designer.

After their house was built, Jim and Christine decided to set up a small cookery school in the old cottage, and people have been since travelling from all over the country for her classes which showcase local foods, and fill participants with enthusiasm for cooking from scratch. Christine also runs a catering business, and is keen to go into artisan food production as a next step. She was awarded with the Bridgestone Best in Ireland prize for 2007, 2008 and 2009. She is passionate about the health benefits of oats, but wants to include them in a tasty healthy product for babies and toddlers. A mother of three small children, she completely understands the needs of parents when it comes to feeding nutritious food to their children.

Frank Krawczyk

Frank Krawczyk

59-year-old Frank Krawczyk is a Charcutier with prize winning pork sausages from Schull. He has lived in West Cork since 1981. Krawczyk used to be solely a cheese maker but his business failed and he nearly lost his house. He started entertaining friends at home with his home cooking - this progressed into the making and selling of his sausages. His parents escaped the Stalin regime by moving to Uganda and Frank was born in a refugee camp there.

In 1998 he started to try and make Polish style dry sausages and salamis from recipes that were inherited by his maternal grandmother but realised the Pork in Ireland was different to his native land.He is well known on the farmers' market front and has appeared on 'Corrigan Knows Food' and in Richard Corrigan's new cookery book 'The Clatter of Forks and Spoons.

Maeve Lewis

Maeve Lewis

Maeve Lewis is a 54-year-old Corkonian. Her recipe was handed down from her mother. A passionate baker, she is always looking for something new to turn her hand to and thinks her products are just as good as those sold in stores and at markets. The family tradition lives on in Maeve's daughters who regularly bake the Florentines and in her son, who is the owner of a popular rustic tapas bar in Cork where her chocolate biscuits feature regularly! This fast talking mum of four, takes no prisoners and sees lots of potential for her slow-release energy food product.