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Oliver Peyton

Oliver Peyton is a renowned restaurateur and the founder/chairman of Peyton and Byrne Limited.

He owns several restaurants throughout London, which, over the years, have been as much applauded for their architectural achievements as their gastronomic standards.

Peyton's first venture was in owning two successful nightclubs in the Eighties. Although he made a lot of money from them, he only ever saw them as a means to an end.

Peyton moved into his real love, restaurants, in the early Nineties. His first restaurant was Coast, then the Atlantic Bar & Grill, perhaps his most ambitious and spectacular achievement, followed by Mash, Isola and the Admiralty in Somerset House. Then in 2004, Peyton opened the eco-friendly 'Inn the Park' in the heart of St James’s Park.

2006 saw the opening of a further four restaurants: A new restaurant 'The National Dining Rooms' at The National Gallery on Trafalgar Square, The Wallace Restaurant in the sculpture garden of The Wallace Collection, Meals, a contemporary restaurant on the first floor of Heal's flagship store on Tottenham Court Road as well as a Peyton and Byrne, a British bakery, also at Heal's.

Most recently, Oliver opened a second eatery at the National Gallery - The National Café.

Oliver's constant mantra is "restaurants should be about having fun". He is not a cook but an impresario of pleasure. Matthew Fort once described him as the Phineas T. Barnum of restaurateurs, saying "He has a penchant for the spectacular and the idiosyncratic".

Peyton considers the most common mistake in the restaurant business to be lack of vision, which, he feels, transfers from food to design to everything else. He says: "I generally begin with a food concept, then start thinking about the design and how to amalgamate those things."

The entire dining experience is essential to Oliver Peyton. With this in mind, he always aims to create a great room, a great atmosphere, and then leaves the customers to enjoy themselves.

Peyton has homes in West London and Cornwall and an extensive art collection.