Sharp Dressed Man

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RTÉ Two, Thursday 22 December 2011, 9.30pm

John McGuire explores the psychology of Irish men and their attitude to fashion and overall appearance. Whether in business or style, there is a gene in the DNA of Irish masculinity that is inherently conservative, that knocks down the individual who takes a risk and stands out from the crowd.

He wants to scratch below the surface of 'the state of us'. What do the clothes we wear say about us? And if we don't dress for success, how can we possibly expect to stand out from the crowd fulfill our potential? The psychology of the Irish man's appearance and its impact on how he is perceived will be uncovered and explored.

John McGuire makes no apologies for taking pride in his appearance. He has always maintained that our appearance reveals a lot about our state of mind. A man's appearance talks of his self-confidence or his lack of it. It's a question of respect. Self respect.

John McGuire tells a story about a tough time that he was experiencing in business. His back had been to the wall, struggling for three years until he eventually turned the corner. Finally, he was back in black ....and what did he do? He went straight to the tailors and ordered up an 'eye catching' pale, pin-striped suit. As he says himself: "That was less about the suit that I was wearing. It was all about where my head was at".

John is about to put his theory to the test as he identifies two unemployed Irish men who are also underachieving in the style stakes. He will attempt to bring them on a journey far from their comfort zone, aiming to prove that how they present themselves to the world is inextricably linked to their chances of success. Along the way he will meet with Irish people abroad who have built their lives around the worlds of fashion and personal presentation.








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