Gráinne Seoige's Modern Life: The Skin Trade

Reality Bites

RTÉ Two, Thursday 8 December 2011, 9.30pm

In the past, tattooed ladies were sometimes written off as circus freaks, biker chicks or hookers. Nowadays, it's a very different story - and the majority of people visiting tattoo parlours are women. In this episode, Grainne seeks to understand what attracts so many Irish ladies to decorate, pierce or cut their bodies. She visits tattoo parlours in Dublin, and body art conventions in rural Cork, where not only tattooing, but scarification, and more extreme forms of bodymodification - such as genital piercing - take place. She ends her journey by visiting a club in Dublin where she witnesses a young Irish woman perform one of the most controversial acts of body art - suspension by skin-hanging.







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