Gráinne Seoige's Modern Life: Size Zero

Reality BitesReality BitesReality Bites

RTÉ Two, Thursday 24 November 2011, 9.30pm

The average Irish women is reckoned to spend around 30 years of her life dieting. Weight and waistlines are a constant source of fascination. In recent years, this obsession with body weight has become even more pronounced. Obesity may have has risen exponentially - but so have cases of eating disorders. In Ireland, there are currently tens of thousands of girls and young women who are affected by anorexia nervosa, or bulimia, or other related disorders. In this episode, Grainne explores how the preoccupation with female thinness is reflected on the catwalk, through the media, and in a celebrity-fixated culture. She meets models, designers, doctors, celebrities - and also visits some of the "pro-ana" sites, where self-starvation is presented simply as a choice of lifestyle.







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