Merlot & Me

Reality Bites

RTÉ Two, Monday 21 January 2013, 9.30pm

An authored documentary on the increasingly serious relationship between Irish women and alcohol fronted by Maia Dunphy.

Maia Dunphy is a healthy, attractive, very sociable 30-something woman whose career as a TV Producer, Broadcaster and journalist offers her plenty of opportunities to party.

Like a lot of women her age she likes a drink, isn't averse to having a 'few too many' and would sometimes have a glass of wine or three at home on a school night. In MERLOT & ME Maia Dunphy takes a cold, candid look at her personal drinking habits; particularly in the light of research from Alcohol Action Ireland which reports that Irish women's intake of alcohol has been rising steadily since 1995, and alarmingly since 2005.

Irish women are now drinking as heavily as men, despite lower body weight meaning they don't process alcohol as efficiently. Just half a bottle of wine a day (4 standard units) and within ten years you're on your way to liver cirrhosis and a 41% increase in your chances of developing breast cancer. 6 out of 10 Irish Women are now regularly outdrinking that '4 a day' quota, with horrible implications for their looks, their physical and emotional health .and in MERLOT & ME Maia Dunphy publically faces the fact that she's one of them.


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