Keeping Mum

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RTÉ Two, Monday 4 February 2013, 9.30pm

If there's one thing a new parent can't stand, it's being told by another parent that they're doing it all wrong. Keeping Mum is a show that will give two sets of parents an opportunity to observe each other's parenting skills first hand and decide for themselves who are the better parents.

In a first for television, two sets of parents and their kids will share a house for five days under the scrutiny of 13 robotic cameras. We'll watch as they eat together, play with the kids, do the homework, handle the tantrums and deal with any emergencies. Each evening Lucy Kennedy will meet with the parents one-on-one, to hear what they're really thinking.

On the final day, it's time for both sets of parents to sit down at the kitchen table and let each other know what they think of each other's parenting skills. This is the culmination of everything that has built up during the week. Everything they have said to Lucy will now come out in the wash.

After both sides have given their opinions, the couples return with their babies to their real homes and insist that their way is best or admit change is on the way.







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