In Bed with the Irish

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RTÉ Two, Monday 13 February 2012, 9.30pm

In Bed with the Irish offers viewers a sneak peak into Irish people's hearts, minds and bedrooms. The programme uncovers the nation's attitudes to love, intimacy, snoring and duvet theft through the honest opinions of a range of Irish couples.

Eamonn and Anne spent the early years of their married life in the UK and now live in Galway. Every time they moved house, Anne became pregnant and so Eamonn says: "I blame the auctioneer". They regularly tussle over the duvet, which is also shared with two dogs.

Marie Claire and Stephen from Tipperary met at work. He was 'the handsome lad who sat beside the fax machine' and she found lots of reasons to use the fax. Despite their two young children they still haven't lost their mojo.

Joe and Catherine have known each other for 57 years. The couple from Wexford, now in their seventies, discuss their initial sexual innocence and how their sex life has come to an abrupt halt, not through old age but illness.

Rory and Dee first met over mojitos in a Dublin bar. There was instant chemistry. Despite a liberal outlook on life, Rory still believes that Catholic guilt lurks somewhere inside of every Irish person, including himself. Reluctant to form bedtime habits, they regularly switch sides of the bed to keep things interesting.

In Bed With The Irish lets these and other couples discuss their first impressions of each other, their bedtime habits, and rituals, sexual attitudes, the impact of religion in the bedroom and how they see their future. With unflinching honesty, In Bed With The Irish offers an intimate portrait of just how much we share when we share a bed with another person and reveals what happens when Ireland tucks itself in and turns off the lights.






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