Hello Baby, Bye Bye Body

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RTÉ Two, Thursday 1 December 2011, 10:00pm

Hello Baby, Bye Bye Body sees Mairead Farrell go on a mission to uncover the truth about how she, and the women of Ireland really feel about their post-baby bodies.

There is so much pressure on normal women to get their body back to the way it was before they gave birth, thanks to the celebrity culture we live in, with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Abi Clancy and Miranda Kerr all giving birth in 2011 and all being back to their sleek figures within a matter of weeks.

Mother of one Mairead knows that this can't be real. Surely the Posh Spice's and J-Lo's of this world suffer from the same droopy boobs, stretch marks and leaky bladders that we normal woman all have after giving a baby?

So Mairead is on a mission to tell the nation exactly how the birth of her baby 4 years ago impacted on her body, and ultimately her body confidence and how she feels about what she sees in the mirror every day and along the way discover how giving birth impacted on the bodies of women all over the country.

"My sisters are always saying 'there's nothing wrong with you.' But it's not about me thinking that I am overweight - or anything like that. It's more about a feeling that my body completely changed after I gave birth. And it has never been the same."

Mairead's major body hang up is her tummy, and in particular stretch marks which feels has changed her body forever.

"When I saw my reflection a few days after I had my son, I was shocked because I was used to seeing a tight belly, but when I saw this saggy belly I thought 'what am I going to do with this - how long will this take to go away'. And then I felt unbelievably guilty and how dare I say such a thing - I have a gorgeous healthy baby boy. I shouldn't be thinking like this, so I didn't say anything then as I thought people might think I was odd."

But Mairead wasn't being odd, as Hello Baby Bye Bye Body reveals that the majority of women in Ireland harbour some form of post baby body hang up, and Mairead is meeting some of these women in question.

Over the course of the programme Mairead meets with mothers who suffered from a wide range of baby body issues. From a mother who suffered from a condition known as Pregorexia, which lead to her remaining dangerously underweight throughout the course of her pregnancy, to a mother who was left crippled and suicidal following the horrific change to her body after giving birth.

Mairead also meets with woman who are taking their baby body hang-ups to task with some good old fashioned hard work as Mairead enrolls in "Mummy Bootcamp". And she also gets her scrubs on as she meets with a mother who has booked in for thousands of euro worth of cosmetic surgery to regain her pre-baby body and attends a liposuction surgery as she poses the question "is surgery the only option?"

However as well as meeting with women who are currently battling baby body hang-ups, Mairead also uncovers that there are some women in Ireland who celebrate the joy of their baby body, from a young mother with a very active sex life during her pregnancy to a lady who indulged in an Orgasmic Birth - which left Mairead, and will leave viewers, speechless.

And don't worry lads, if you are feeling left out, we've even cast the light on the other half of the baby making team, as Mairead find out what men really think about our bodies before, during and after pregnancy.

Hello Baby, Bye Bye Body showcases Mairead Farrell as an immersive and investigative broadcaster as she shines a light on a taboo subject with great rewards in what will prove to be incredibly eye-opening and compelling television.


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