Hair The Long And Short Of It

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RTÉ Two, Thursday 21 Novenber 2013, 9.55pm

With over 3,000 salons and barbers in Ireland employing over 18,000 staff and attracting more than 25 million clients every year, hair is big business.

Whether it's long, short, curly, bleached or shaved, hair is a huge part of who we are.or who we want the world to think we are!

It's a love affair - and one that knows no boundaries of age, creed, race or religion.

From Barbie-loving 5 year olds to image-conscious daddies and right up to the immaculately-coiffed blue-rinse brigade, Hair - the long and the short of it is an hour-long documentary meeting people from all generations and races who share the stories of their lives through their hair.

With hair becoming as important to us as body weight and height, it can tell us a lot about a person - psychologically, socially and culturally.

So whether you're having a "bad hair day", are "washing that man right out of my hair", or simply just, as Cheryl Cole says, "because you're worth it", "HAIR - the long and the short of it" is a documentary that gets to the root of one of life's most important but least-considered subjects. hair.

"Hair - the long and the short of it" - is a one-off documentary as part of the Reality Bites series for RTÉ.






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