Reality BitesReality BitesReality BitesReality Bites

Wednesday 28th January, 9.00pm

When Naked Camera first erupted onto RTÉ2, PJ Gallagher became one of Ireland's hottest comedic talents. Sold out stand up tours both at home and abroad soon followed. But behind all of this success PJ has battled with stage fright anxiety for over 10 years which he now reveals for first time in one hour RTÉ2 documentary PJ Gallagher's Stage Fright: Reality Bites.

PJ has now reached a kind of crossroads; either he overcomes his crippling Stage Fright once and for all or gives up the one thing he can actually do! But if PJ is ever going to find a cure he first needs to get to grips with the root cause of his comedic anxiety. Along the way fellow comedians Jason Byrne, Eric Lalor and David McSavage offer some tough love! And Ardal O' Hanlon reveals his own battle with anxiety and how he overcome his own stage fright issues which crippled him for an incredible 20 years

With additional contributions from psychologists Jan De Fries and Brian Colbert, and PJ's family and friends, PJ reveals how stage fright has hampered every aspect of his personal life to such an extent that he now physically dreads performing live.

With his Stage Fright eventually forcing him to give up live performing altogether this one hour Reality Bites follows PJ as he undertakes his first Irish tour in two years. A humorous investigation into Stage Fright anxiety and one comedian's desperation to try and overcome it.






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