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Touching People

Monday 26th January

Touching People is the last in our 4-part comedy pilot series and features comedy sketches, written and performed by some of Ireland's most exciting, up-and-coming comedy talent such as Bernard O'Shea, Colum O'Donnell, Carol Tobin and Keith Martin.

The over-arching theme in Touching People is the world of the do-gooder, and is presented and linked together by a spoof TV Host played by Bernard O'Shea.

Affectionately mocking the celebrity charity spokesperson-types who give up their time for free (plus expenses) to help a good cause (and raise their own profile), Touching People is a moist tea towel whip to the nads of deluded, holier than thou people who do the right thing for the wrong reason. These special people of Ireland, we salute you!

Touching People is produced by Green Inc Productions who recently produced the acclaimed comedies, Headwreckers, and Ape for Channel 4's Comedy Lab.

Touching People
Touching People