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Dublin Stories - The Savage Eye

Monday 19th January

Why do the Irish Drink so much? Is it the weather? Is it living under the yoke of the Catholic Church or the sceptre of British rule? Or is it just because we can't say No? The Savage Eye is a satirical comedy show that seeks to answer this perennial question.

Written by and starring comic David McSavage, and directed by Kieron J. Walsh (Raw, When Brendan Met Trudy) the show examines, through vox pops, satirical documentary and sketches, the reasons the Irish give for being the biggest nation of drinkers on the planet. These range from the weather, our shyness and our ugliness, to the weight of Catholic guilt of the legacy of British rule. We meet pub owner Mick 'the Bull' Daly, see Ireland on the psychiatrists couch, and hear the 'Rapaholics' and (David McSavage and Aidan Bishop) attempt to dissuade a transition year class from falling under the spell of alcohol through their 'Edge-u-k8 Thru Rap' programme.

The show stars many well known actors and comics including Declan Rooney, Aidan Bishop, Pat McDonnell (Father Ted), and Gerard McSorley. Damien O'Donnell (East is East) is a creative consultant while the series is filmed by Catherine O'Shaughnessy.

It will premiere on RTÉ on Monday, 19th January 2009. It is Blinder Films first production for RTÉ.

About David McSavage
David McSavage is an Irish comedian who is known for busking on streets of Dublin City.

McSavage has performed at national and international comedy festivals including the Edinburgh Festivaland the Kilkenny Comedy Festival. He has made several appearances on Danish television's and The Late Late Show on RTÉ.

In 2008, he devised and featured in Headwreckers, an episode of Channel 4's Comedy Lab show.

He is also a reformed alcoholic. The Savage Eye is his first comedy show for RTÉ.

About Blinder Films Ltd:
Blinder Films is a Dublin-based production company which has enjoyed considerable success since its inception in 2006. A recipient of the Irish Film Board's Multiple Project Development (slate funding) scheme, their ethos is on unique contemporary stories that will provoke move and entertain.

The company principals are producer Katie Holly and directors Kieron J.Walsh and Richie Smyth.

Alongside the feature slate, Blinder Films is also working on a number of documentary projects, the first of which 'Striapacha', a three part series examining the history of prostitution in Ireland aired on TG4 in May 2008.

In addition to producing two short films in the last two years, 'The Basket Case' written and directed by OPwen O'Neill and 'Lowland Fell' written and directed by Michael Kinirons, Blinder Films are current beginning post-production on their first feature-length film 'One Hundred Mornings' written and directed by Conor Horgan.

'The Savage Eye' is their first production for RTÉ.

The Savage Eye
The Savage Eye
 The Savage Eye
The Savage Eye