Working Nine To Ninety

1 x 60'

Would you work if you didn't have to? Are you looking forward to your sixties when you can put your feet up without feeling guilty? For years in Ireland, 65 was the eligibility age for a Government-funded pension. Recently, and as a result of a looming national pension debt, all has changed utterly. Over the next decade, the pension age will creep up to 68. And yet, there are countless Irish folk 65 and older who either don't want to or cannot afford to give up work.

From eighty-nine year old Bridie who is still pumping petrol and selling lawn mowers to John who has been working in the Irish Yeast Co. for 70 years and still opens his shop to dispense his baking expertise, this series is full of genuine characters from country to town, from cash-struck to cash-rich, who can't or won't stop working beyond the current retirement age.

An RTÉ Production