The Team with no name

6 x 25'

This new comedy-drama series, written by Damien Owens, explores the relationships between the four members of a table quiz team in a small town as they close in on victory for 52 consecutive weeks. .

Every week, the four join together as "The Team with No Name" to take part in a local pub quiz. Each of the four has their own particular reason for taking part. Lawrence is the only one who does it for the sake of the quiz itself. Almost everything Lawrence does, in fact, is done for some quiz-related reason. He has formed the mistaken opinion that his vast reservoir of useless knowledge is the only thing he has going for him and he goes out of his way to display it on a daily basis. His best (and only friend), Adam, tries to keep a check on these obsessive tendencies, but it's a thankless task. Adam's colleague Cathy, meanwhile, finds Lawrence laughable at best. Her motivation for taking part in the quiz is simple - she is in love (or in lust, at least) with Adam and wants to spend as much time as possible in his company.

A Grand Pictures Production for RTÉ - Distributed by Content Media