Phoebe Prince
The Trials of Phoebe Prince

1 x 52'

This documentary tells the tragic story of Phoebe Prince, the 15-year-old Massachusetts schoolgirl from Ireland who died by suicide in January 2010. Using first-hand testimonies filmed over the past six months, the documentary chronicles the harassment Phoebe suffered at a Massachusetts High School, and how her untimely death has become the subject of the most controversial bullying prosecution case in US legal history.

The film sets out the sequence of events from Phoebe's move to the US in the summer of 2009, to her death. Since then, the Prince family have found themselves at the centre of a media and legal maelstrom, and the documentary charts the impact that the case and the intense media scrutiny - in particular, the dramatic events of Summer 2010 - have had on the family and the local community in South Hadley.

The story is told by those directly involved: Phoebe's father Jeremy Prince, the District Attorney, key figures on both sides of the legal proceedings, the people of South Hadley and the local and international journalists who have covered the story for the last year.

A Below the Radar Production for RTÉ