The Struggle

1 x 52'

During the Irish Civil War of 1922, IRA Chief of Staff, Ernie O'Malley, based his HQ in a secret room in the home (now the French Embassy in Dublin) of Society belle Sighle Humphreys. When the inevitable raid came, Sighle and Ernie shot it out together against a large unit of Free State soldiers. Ernie O'Malley was riddled with bullets and arrested - bringing the fledgling Free State one step closer to victory over the Republicans. Sighle and her family were thrown into jail where they joined their comrades on hunger-strike.
Presenter Manachan Magan is Sighle's grandson and in this programme, where the raid is dramatically reconstructed, he sets out to reveal the truth behind what occurred.

A Wonderland Production for RTÉ