The House

1 x 52'

An award winning documentary film about family, loss... and moving on. One Dublin family's story, as told by themselves...

Tanya Doyle lived all her life at 20 Harelawn Grove. After the death of Tanya's mother and her father's departure the family were left alone to raise one another and the house became the only icon of security that Tanya and her siblings could depend on. As the family left the house one by one to start lives of their own and only Tanya remained, the decision came to sell the house.

In the days before the house sale, Tanya brought each member of her family back to the house to tell the story of their shared experiences, their impressions of each other and the different perceptions each of them had of the time they spent there together in their family home.

This profoundly moving and autobiographical documentary explores the ideas of change, progression and shared experiences in a family dealing with loss and illness.

A Marmalade Production for RTÉ